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So how amazing is this, to write about oneself, to tell you who I am and what I am about. So let’s see, I am Corelie, a Chef with a business degree, friend, food lover, sports enthusiast and in love, currently living between Cape Town and Little Brak River, close to Mosselbay, Western Cape, South Africa.  This area is commonly known as the Cape Southern Coast or the Garden Route.

After working for  two and a half years in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar I decided it was  high time return home. Good bye is unfortunately one of the hardest things to do in life, but you always leave with so much more experiences and lessons learnt.  What an experience it was, living in a country with a completely different culture than the one you’re raised in.

Most of my inspired passion for food comes from the beautiful variety of fresh food that is abundantly available to us today and of course my mother who always spoiled us with home cooked meals and treats. What better gift is there for yourself than to eat well, feel good about yourself and being energised!

Growing up in an Afrikaans family where your animal based protein is seen as the most important element on the plate, I do love a great steak, I don’t think that I will ever  go all vegetarian or vegan. Over the past year and a half I have however, become a much bigger fan of a plant based diet. These days I catch myself craving my green smoothies, salads, legumes, pulses and veggies. Eating a plant based diet is not what it was a few years ago. With so many exciting new options, for me a healthy diet is both about raw and cooked food.

I only recently started blogging as I would love to share  my experiences in the food world, recipes and points of interested with you. Hopefully even solving a few problems along the way, and trust you will share my passion for food and all the magic it holds.

The name for this blog comes from one of the many different miss-pronunciations and miss-spellings of my name. Form Correllie, Cora-lee, Corelise, Coralie and eventually Carola Ann. Carola Ann kind of stuck, and while I was at Chef School it became my nick name (A story for another day). So after much thought I decided that it should be the name for my blog.

Feel free to contact us collage for about page2

Thanks for popping in

Corelie xx


  1. Orpa, loooooooove jou blog! Dis awesome en eks bly jy kan jou passie deel met ander. Ek dink net die naam moes wees Orpa’s Blog 😉 Grap net, mal oor die naam!

  2. Baie nice ! Sukses met die blog! Ek is familie, maar jou ouers sommer baie lank laas gesien !

    1. Carola Ann

      Hi Dalene, baie dankie. Ek onthou jou 🙂 Jy is Nella se dogter as ek reg onthou.

  3. Hi Corelie, sjoe ek is beindruk. Dis die eerste wat ek jou blog sien…ek is nie so baie op fb. Maar baie geluk en geniet dit. Hoop dit gaan goed met die onderneming.
    Baie groete.

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