Craving: Mussels in a Creamy White Wine Sauce

Creamy Mussel Pot

I was fortunate enough to visit my home ‘town’ (actually city!) Johannesburg again recently. Joburg certainly caught up with Cape Town in terms of fantastic restaurants, markets, festivals and even food trucks these days – FOODIE HEAVEN! There is so much to try and experience and just too little time and the matter of keeping your waistline in check!On the Menu at Craft

On our first night in Joburg we tried the very hip and happening  CRAFT in the trendy Parkhurst – Real food, variety of Craft beer and amazing company….what else can you ask for! One of the menu items that caught our eye was their mussel pot with a creamy white wine sauce and a fresh artisan bread roll (it reminded me of ‘roosterkoek’) – made on a wood fired grill just to give it that slight smoky flavour. Needless to say it was superb  – creamy, full of flavour and perfectly cooked mussels. I have been craving this dish since that weekend.Craft's Mussel Pot

So here is my take on Mussels in a Creamy White Wine sauce.

All REAL Ingredients...

Starting off with your basics for a white wine sauce – onions, celery and garlic (Want to add an extra dimension of flavour? crush some lemon-grass and add it to your sauce while simmering). For this recipe I only half reduce the white wine, so it still has some of its tangy flavour that will pair well with the mussels. Adding the lemon zest, chopped parsley and basil at the end, lifts the flavours of the sauce and adds a little Mediterranean flavour to the dish. Make sure to serve the mussels with a freshly baked crusty bread to mop up all of that delicious sauce and enjoy!

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