Opening of Carola Ann’s eatery and moving house: momentary chaos


Lightly spiced roasted cauliflower with garden peas, red bell pepper and sultanas. Garden herb salad with dates, beetroot and sumac croutons.

Chaos! That’s what these last 2 weeks was. In between moving house and opening of Carola Ann’s Eatery/Pop-up restaurant there has been little time for anything else, let alone finding time to write a blog post.

Garden salad with honey marinated fennel, orange and toasted sunflower seeds

So I do apologize for the lack of a recipe this week, but you can have a peak of what Carola Ann’s Eatery/Pop-up restaurant is all about.

Barley salad with garden peas, lemon, apple and celery. In back – winter butternut panzanella salad. Sweet treats: double chocolate cupcakes and for the more healthy: carrot and apple crumble muffins.

Carola Ann’s is all about healthier on the go lunches. With a changing daily menu, everything’s being prepared fresh, you sure are in for a treat!

Daily quiches with different fillings. Here we have Leek, Mushroom and Baby marrow or Butternut and Danish feta.

It is best to come in early to be sure you get some of the best options available as only limited portions are prepared daily to ensure quality and freshness.  Cutting back on sugar and preservatives to ensure the food is full of nutrients and wholesome goodness.

Pulled Pork and Cole Slaw Sandwiches – Delicious!

Waking up early every morning certainly has its perks! Getting to see the most beautiful sunrises every morning 🙂

Spectacular early morning sunrise – Kleinbrak Beach

Being the beginning of winter here in South Africa, be sure to find soups such as split pea and bacon, lentil soup, hearty chicken soup and many other exciting hot dishes on the daily menu. A customer favourite so far – baked Italian eggplant with tomato, mozzarella and basil!

Sweet treats: Freshly baked cupcakes/ muffins everyday

Date cupcakes with honey and cinnamon butter cream icing – Decadence!


Old Time Favourite - Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

Old Time Favourite – Lemon Meringue Cheesecake